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C++/CLI in Action download

C++/CLI in Action. Nishant Sivakumar

C++/CLI in Action
ISBN: 1932394818,9781932394818 | 416 pages | 11 Mb

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C++/CLI in Action Nishant Sivakumar
Publisher: Manning Publications

I had used your existing sample "Integration with .NetGridControl" . Product Description C++ is the language of choice for thousands of applications and millions of lines of code. В этом топике я расскажу про C++/CLI — промежуточный язык для склеивания кода на C/C++ и .NET Это довольно А вообще на эту тему есть очень хорошая книжка — C++ /CLI in Action. Hi ALL, I tried to build a User control (C++ /CLI) using Microsoft Visual studio 2008. Total number of people voted: 1. After you ' re comfortable with C++. If you are at all invested in C++/CLI, please head over to that blog post and add a comment indicating your displeasure with this disturbing turn of events. For this reason you ' ll fi rst learn C++ — both the native C++ and C++/CLI versions of the language — without getting involved in Windows programming considerations. Do all of your events pass through a queue of some kind? FAQ · Calendar; Forum Actions. You'll most likely end up with three layer modularisation : .net code -> c++/cli -> native c++ that access directshow. C++/CLI is pretty much the only language I know that make it easy to declare a raise method. By default in c++ there is no queue like this (there is a windows os level event queue, but that is likely managed already and unusable in c++-cli and you did not indicate if this closely mapped onto your problem), there If you make an action undo/redo class it could be a template or generic that stores pointers/delegates to the the do and undo functions, and a list of arguments from when it was originally called. The following code fails with the following error and I can't find how to fix it. Hi I have ported some old BC++ code to Managed C++/CLI code and build it to a dll Now I trie to call a method from this dll in my C# code. I am referencing System::ServiceModel in my C++/CLI dll project (VS2012 Express). Put this poll on your blog/website. Although not evil by itself, you are making this a lot harder than it has to be.

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